Made for industrial as well as domestic needs spectrum 375 X-TREME is a perfect tool for you. Its key feature is its weight. It is so lightweight ( 19 lbs ) that you can carry even two of the same kind without any hassle.

It comes with a variety of modern features. It cuts approximately 15 inches per minute with complete precision. It?s cutting capacity may increase depending upon the metal you cut.

It runs on 120/240 V input. So, you can use anywhere and everywhere without thinking about the Voltage supply you can achieve. It has a duty cycle of 40 % at 120 Volts under a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes with several electrodes and consumables within the box. It also comes with a multi-voltage cable known as Auto-line and MVP. So, it is perfect for a handyman who needs to remain dependent upon the input voltage of the sockets for their works.

Key features and description.

Build quality and design- It?s building is not much different from other similar looking plasma cutters available in the market. But with a weight of 19 lbs, it is most lightweight among those. Dimensions of 5.5 X 9 X 13.25 inches make it compact too.

It comes with XT30 Torch, which has an ergonomic handle. It never slips off your hand even if you are using it in a hurry. Also, this torch comes with a flexible cable to help you cut Metals in any orientation and through any angle.

Its fan, which is named fan on demand, is said to work on wind Tunnel Technology. This technology runs the fan only when it is needed. It protects the machine from dust, dirt, debris, or any other nano-size pollutants.

Ease of use- It is easy to carry this Cutter with one hand. Its lightweight build doesn?t mean that it is not effective while using it. It gives you faster results without much effort from your side.

While cutting expanded or metals with variable dimensions, it?s automatic pilot arc will run automatically and spot itself when needed. It will help you to avoid multiple triggers while cutting the metals.

It comes with long cables to help you work from the required distance. Also, it?s multiple input voltage supply will make it easy to find the necessary power socket for you.

Cutting mechanism- At 30 Amps, it has a rated capacity of 3/8 inch at 18 IPM on mild steel, For the metals with thermal conductivity (aluminum or other metals ) the cutting capacity may decrease up to 30 percent. Also, at 20 amps, it has a rated cutting capacity of ? in at 17 IPM.

To achieve high precision while cutting at this capacity, it requires to travel 15 inches per minute on the metal. Other features include Auto Refute Technology, which helps you to cuts expanded metals. This technology also helps to cut multiple pieces of metals in the way that it automatically switches the pilot arc when needed.

Safety features

It comes with a protective X-case to carry all your consumables, spare parts, nozzles, electrodes. But it can also be used to carry your protection glasses, gloves, jackets, helmets. If you are a handyman, you are safe to use this cutter anywhere because you can carry your safety kit along with the cutter.

Also, it?s XT30 Torch comes with an ergonomic handle, which helps you to make a perfect grip. The handle is never going to slip off your hands. Sometimes the slipping of handles can cause great damage to the life of the user, but this tool is safe enough.

It comes with a safety manual that you should consider reading to enhance your safety. If you are a first time user of a plasma cutter, then this safety manual will help you to avoid any kind of unknown damage.


Less than 9 kg of weight.Works on multiple volts.It comes with a protective X-case.It comes with several consumables and electrodes for multiple applications.A fan on-demand feature increase durability.Auto refire.Automatic air regulation maintains recommend torch pressure.

What we really liked about this cutter.

The weight of this product is something that makes it a different and unique plasma cutter. Every plasma cutter needs to be transported, whether it is used in a shop or used by a handyman. So, if it is lightweight, it will surely hive you more relief? while carrying it.

Also, it works on multiple Volts. Either you can use it at home, or you can use it in a mechanic shop. Some lightweight plasma cutters work only on 110/120 input voltage and are not considered heavy duty plasma cutters, but this product is genuinely a heavy-duty cutter.


It doesn?t come with a built-in air compressor.Price is fractionally higher than other similar plasma cuttersDoesn?t come with a protection kit ( which includes gloves, jacket, glasses, etc. )

What we really didn?t like about this cutter.

According to the price point, this plasma cutter can disappoint you. But if you notice carefully, then you will find that some plasma cutters at this price range is heavier and doesn?t come with extra consumables. So, keeping these facts in mind, this price may appear reasonable.

Who should consider buying it?

Those professionals who need to get rid of their old technology plasma cutters this cutter can be a perfect purchase to start a new journey. The professionals will like the speed of this Plasma cutter. Also, at this speed, your old Plasma cutter will not provide that much precision.

If you have a mechanic shop, then it will save your time with the help of Its automatic handle. Also, in the mechanic shops, the mechanics need to work on non-regular Metals. This machine is made to work on irregular Metals.

Also, this plasma cutter can be used for metal artwork. It makes a beautiful pattern on the metals, but the only condition is that the Plasma cutting must be recommended for the metal.