A plasma cutter generally is known for its affordability Lotos supreme LTP5000D is a perfect plasma cutter for small shop workers and do it yourself (DIY ) users. It can cut steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other metals of variable thickness. The only condition to achieve fine cut quality is that you must use this Cutter with patience.

It has a rated average cutting capacity of an inch to an inch, but this capacity can increase depending on Upton the type of metals. It’ autopilot arc facility makes it easy to make precise cuts in slightly lesser time. It can also cut pieces of metals perfectly.

It runs on a 110/220 V Voltage range, which makes it possible to use this Cutter almost everywhere. It has a duty cycle of 60 % at 50 A, 110 V, and 60% at 50 A 220 v. It’sIt’s built-in inverter makes provides this product with easy mobility.

For hassle-free operations and lower pricing, you can consider purchasing this Plasma cutter.

Key features and description.

Build quality and design. The exterior part of this Plasma Cutter is made of strong metal, which provides it an added durability. It is made very compact in size. It has the dimensions of 15 x 6 x 12 inches, and it is made moderately lightweight ( 26 lbs ).

It comes with a basic plasma cutting torch, Ground clamp and cables, air regulator, and a few other basic things out of the box. It comes with a MOSFET transistor to provide smooth plasma every time to make sure that your metal cutting doesn’t get affected. It also helps to make fine cuts in fractions of minutes.

If you want a plasma cutter that you can consider using for years, you can consider purchasing it. It’sIt’s build quality is impressive, which gives an idea about the durability of the product.

Ease of use. You can just start working on this plasma cutter within 1 minute, how easy it is to set up. It saves a lot of time for you in setting up the machine. Also, it has several automatic features to make it easy to cut through expanded and uneven metals.

Some plasma cutter is very selective in terms of input voltage, but this works on a multi-voltage input. It saves your money in setting up a whole new input unit; you can use it everywhere with ease.

It also comes with all the required accessories to make sure that you get everything while purchasing this product. Also, it’s torch feels quite smooth to use. Your hands will not feel the fatigue of working on a plasma cutter, which is considered very stressful to hands.

Cutting mechanism. It’sIt’s autopilot arc cuts the metals without coming in the contact of the metals. This can help you a lot if you are working on painted or rusted surfaces. It can cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloy steel with the help of it’sit’s compressed air Cutting mechanism.

A plasma cutter is considered perfect if it is able to cut all varieties of metals so as to make sure that it can help the professionals who need to work on different metals every day. Although this Cutter is considered perfect for low-end users and DIY users, this can help the professionals too.

Safety features. Plasma cutters are often considered dangerous, but this plasma cutter appears to be equipped with all the modern safety features. It is safer to use as compared with oxyhydrogen fuel cutters. It reduces the chance of fire-related damages.

Also, in this plasma cutter, proper insulation has been provided to ensure that you don’t get electric shocks. The torch of this Plasma cutter is also non-slippery; sometimes, a small slipping of the torch can cause a threat to the life of the worker. With all these safety features, some safety measures from your end can make this product 100% safe to use.


  1. Impressive pricing for an industrial level plasma cutter.
  2. Works on dual voltage.
  3. Faster cutting speed.
  4. 30 days replacement warranty.
  5. Low power consumption.
  6. It comes with a variety of accessories.
  7. Good for cutting pieces of metals.
  8. Metal surrounding.

What we really like about this plasma cutter.

Affordability is the groundbreaking feature of this plasma cutter. It makes it a perfect purchase if you are a first-time buyer. Also, at this price range, it’s specifications are more than required.

Some similar products at this price range have very limited applications. Some products at this price range come with a single input voltage compatibility, while some products don’t provide accessories with their products. But this product has everything which you can expect in a flagship plasma cutter.

Apart from pricing the cut quality, it gives us something that you find in a machine that costs nearly double the price of this plasma cutter. Also, to achieve that level of cut quality, you don’t need to spend much time than the other old generation plasma cutters.


  1. Slightly heavier weight than similar products having the same features.
  2. Only one year warranty, some products provide 3-5 years of warranty.
  3. Preferred for low-end users.
  4. Power cables are not so much longer.

What we really didn’t like about this product.

The one-year brand warranty may feel less competitive if you have an idea about other similar Plasma Cutter. But the customers who have purchased this Cutter are more satisfied with this product. They consider this product to be more durable than 3-5 year cutters.

Who should consider buying it?

For DIY users and home centric users, this Plasma cutter is something that can be considered to purchase. With some high end and advanced specifications, this plasma cutter can help you if you are a professional.

Also, those workers who need to have a plasma cutter that can be set up in 1 minute, this plasma cutter is the best purchase. Also, you can buy multiples of this product for your industry if you want to increase the working capabilities by saving enough time in cutting the metals.