Lincoln electric Tomahawk 625 is a modern generation plasma cutter equipped with all the necessary and contemporary features. It gives the look of a professional cutter, but the beginners can use it too. However, for the professionals, this cutter is provided enough and extra features to make metal cutting very fast.

It can cut mild steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper with high precision. It has recommended cut performance over stainless steel as 0.51m/min ( 12.7 mm steel ). However, you can cut at a maximum of 0.13 m/min ( for 19.1 mm steel ). It is lightweight and portable enough to transport easily.

It comes with some primary electrodes and nozzles, but you can purchase other electrodes and nozzles online; those are easily available.

It is also made durable and reliable enough so that it serves you in the long run. It is given a fast-moving cooling fan to ensure that you can work for hours without caring for the damage to the cutter.

Key features and description

Build quality and design

It is very compact and lightweight. The dimensions of this Cutter are 15.2 in x 8.5 in x 18.9 in ( 385 mm x 215 mm x 480 mm ). This Cutter is also very lightweight ( 15.42 kg ); you can even carry it one hand.

It comes with a rapid air restrike feature that lets you cut through gaps and expanded metals very quickly. It works on an input power of 208/230/1/50/60. It also comes with a front panel purge control to set the airflow rates easily without initiating the plasma arc.

Its touch restart system ensures that a reliable plasma arc is initiated without high frequency.

It comes with three LED indicators, red, green, and yellow. The red one shows output status; the yellow one shows the thermal status, and the green one is power on/off indicator. It also comes with a long 20 ft ? cable to ensure that you can work in every condition.

Ease of use

The most important feature of this Cutter is it?s easier to control and faster output. For the beginners, this cutter is probably the best one to learn plasma cutting.

This product comes with an instruction manual, so you can use this product yourself without taking the help of a professional, even if you are new in Plasma cutting. It comes with an internal water separator to help you finish your work perfectly. It can work for hours without any mechanical failure, and it doesn?t leave behind any slag. It is very easy to set-up, you can set up this Cutter in a fraction of seconds and start working in it.

Cutting Mechanism

To boost up the speed while cutting metals, this Cutter is given all the required features. Its Cutting mechanism can be called an enhanced automatic Plasma cutting mechanism. It can even cut through expanded metals quickly because of it?s Rapid air restrike feature and can also cut through gaps as well.

It has an air regulator and a pressure gauge to enhance the metal Cutting experience. All these features contribute to make it a modern-day Cutter.

Safety features

The makers describe this Cutter as the safest one; it is practically True. Sometimes it protects the user even if it is a mistake from the user?s end.

For a Cutter at this price range, it becomes very important that the Cutter provides enough durability to ensure the financial safety of the user. All the measures have been taken to ensure that this product runs long. Also, it is ensured that every single part includes in this Cutter face no damage, even in extreme environments.

However, exposure of the Plasma beam to the naked eye can cause damage to the eyes, so it is very important to ensure safety from your end too. You can?t blame any machinery for every kind of damage.


The continuous output control feature helps you to work on different metallic thickness. Easy to set up and easy to use. Extended warranty. Powerful arc restrike feature. A new electrode and nozzle design save a lot of money for daily users. Relatively faster operations. I can work for hours continuously. It comes with an internal water separator.

What we really like about this cutter

The main feature that we liked about this cutter is that it has all those features which we find in 2 and 3 different plasma cutters collectively. It saves a lot of money if you are a professional and you know how important are the features of this product for you.

Universal acceptance is the other main feature of this Cutter. For a professional it?s modern features can save a lot of money and time, for a first time user, it is the easiest plasma cutter to use.


Many nozzles and electrodes need to be purchased separately. Price may not be acceptable for non-regular users. Doesn?t come with extra storage box, like other cutters in the market. Works on a slightly shorter band of voltage. While working on specific metals, the noise can disturb others.

What we really didn?t like about this tool

Price is acceptable, but not for everyone. A first time user looking for a plasma cutter will find that some cutters are available at nearly half of its price.

But that is not the real truth about this cutter. The price is high because of the features involved in this Cutter. It is specifically designed to save time and money for the user. For a user, who wants to take the commercial advantage of this product, this price range will be a perfect one to invest.

Who should buy it

It can be used by anyone who needs detailed and precise cuts on the metals. It is good for metallic artwork, metal cutting fro industrial needs, for a handyman, a professional. It can be transported easily, so every individual can use it.

Its cuts are detailed and are beneficial for everyone in the metal cutting profession. Also, timelessness gives this cutter an added praise from the users.