Hypertherm Powermax45 XP Overview

Powermax45 XP is the latest plasma cutter from the best selling line up of Powermax portable plasma cutting systems. A powerful tool having faster cutting speeds on up to 16 mm metal, it is supported by automatic gas adjustment for best operations. An easy to set up tool, this plasma cutter boasts of its compact and lightweight build.

It gives its applications over a broad range of metallic thickness without compromising with its fine precision on the metals. It?s new Duramax Lock torches support handheld and mechanized cutting for precision gouging, such as spot weld removal and marking capabilities.

It is a well built multipurpose tool that provides high reliability and high durability. This tool also provides relatively higher power utilization and is environment-friendly as well. It?s easy to use feature makes it a perfect tool for nearly all kinds of people, whether they experienced ones or the amateur ones.

Description and key features:

Build quality and design: The Powermax45 XP is quite compact with dimensions of 17.4 inches in depth X 6.8 inches in width X 14.1 in height. This also includes the dimensions of the handles. It weighs just 31 lbs depending upon the attachments.

Its eye-catching design also makes it a work-friendly tool. The build of this product ensures 100% recyclability. It?s Hypertherm certified reliability also ensures excellent performance in all the environments.

It has a CNC interface and a Fastconnect torch connection, which is perfect for both handheld and mechanized operations. Also, it?s spring start technology ensures optimum torch performance and consistent starting.

Its drag cutting technology is a key feature that makes it easy to use it for everyone. Also, this product has straightforward controls. The design of the product also makes it very cool to see.

Ease of use:

An easy to use a plasma cutter, this product is an ideal tool having drag cutting technology which makes it easy to operate even for the beginners. Also, it?s smart sensor technology makes sure that air pressure set up perfectly.

Different modes switch also helps in various operations. It?s fast cutting technology also gives excellent cut quality in comparatively lesser time.

This product also cuts metals faster with cut speeds 1.5 times greater than oxyfuel on 6mm mild steel.

Cutting mechanism:

The cutting mechanism is carried by electrically heating conductive metal and then forcefully blowing it away from plasma. This product does it in a perfect way.

It also comes with a variety of torches and consumables for different types of operations. Different flashlights are available for drag cutting, extended reach cutting, extended reach cutting, marking, flush cutting, max control gouging, precision gouging. Also, it?s cutting mechanism is relatively higher precise than the conventional plasma cutters.

Safety features:

safety is one of the key features which is ensured by Hypertherm in its products. This product ensures safety from electric shocks. Its build quality is such that it is never going to give you a shock treatment in the long run. Also, this tool has a comparatively lesser noise output during its operations.

Also, for added security, you must ensure your personal security as well. Overexposure of the naked eyes to the laser beam can damage your eyes.

This product is also safer for the environment, as well. Its modern plasma cutting efficiency saves more power and cut more steel in less time.


  • Comparatively faster Operations.
  • Drag cutting technology.
  • Best cutting precision, among all other plasma cutters.
  • High gouge quality.
  • Accessible for a varied range of metallic thickness.
  • 3-year warranty for the power supply and one year warranty on the torch.
  • Comparatively lower weight.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Safer to use.

What we really like about this tool

  • The easy to use feature makes it an outstanding product. The first time users can also consider using it. It is so because it provides higher safety as well.
  • The cutting quality is given by this tool also give this product an added praise. Its precision is not compromised even on rusted surfaces. This tool has different switches for a variety of applications.
  • This tool also uses the latest technology to ensure that maximum power utilized and power wastage is as lower as possible. This can so help you to save a lot of money. Also, it provides a lower risk to the environment.


  • A higher price tag.
  • Laser cutting provides better precision than plasma cutting.
  • More expensive than oxyacetylene cutting systems.
  • While cutting on dry surfaces, it produces very high noise, which can be disturbing for someone like a patient, animals, old aged people, etc.
  • Not suitable for all kinds of thickness.
  • In plasma cutting, the arc is very bright.

What we really didn?t like

The higher price tag can make you re-think before purchasing it, particularly for those who require it for nonfrequent use. Before buying this product, you should know that it is not an ordinary plasma cutter; instead, it has some modern features which add to its cost. But for the ones who know that it?s faster cutting and lower power consumption can add to their income ( when used for commercial purposes ), this product can be fruitful.

Hence, it?s a high cost, not at all a problem because this product is worth it.

Who should consider buying it?

Because of its variety over a large number of operations, it is suitable for a variety of users. A home user can consider purchasing it because of its secure handling and operational use. It does not need a pro controller to use it.

For a handyman, this product is an excellent one to start a new journey with a product having added featured. For a mechanic shop, this product is useful because of its multiple applications and power-saving capabilities.

For a professional, power-saving ensures high precision and faster Operations. Thus, this tool covers a wide range of people. And perhaps this is the main reason that the product is the market leader in its category.