Hobart Airforce 21ci is ready to use a plasma cutter. It is rated to cut 1/8 inch mild steel with excellent cut quality. It also comes with an inbuilt air compressor; some other plasma cutters at this price don?t provide that.

It is a very lightweight cutter, maybe half of the weight of other cutters with the same functionality. It is a perfect cutter for household use; it can be used at an input voltage of 110 v. Its pilot arc start feature provides you with a consistent arc start to minimize burnout.

It comes with several accessories band consumables with it. It has a 3.7 m handheld torch named XT12R Torch. Also, it has a 3.7 m work cable with clamp. Its power cable is 2.1 m in length.

Its extra consumables include two tips, electrode and a standoff guide to maintaining a constant arc length. At this price range, this Cutter has everything to enhance the user experience.

Key features and description

Build quality and design- Mostly Plasma cutters nowadays are compact but are not lightweight. It is small as well as lightweight. It has dimensions of 16.5 in x 18.5 in x 11.2 in and has a weight of 31 pounds which is half the weight of other Plasma cutters in the market. It has a delicate LED indicator to know the current status of temperature, power and Torch readiness. It helps you to eliminate the downtime.

It has a duty cycle of 35 % at 102 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is good enough to be used in severe working conditions.

It?s fan only runs when required. The company calls this feature the Fan-on-demand feature. Its Torch named XT12R has more efficient cooling and provides you with a faster cutting experience.

Ease of use

It is a nearly automatic machine. You can just set up and start using this Cutter. Its Torch feels quite comfortable and finishes works quickly. For high precision, it can be trusted.

Its Torch gives a smaller heat-affected zone, to increase precision and to decrease warping. It doesn?t need gas pressure settings for flame tuning. It does Its job automatically.

Also, some cutters are not made to be carried by everyone. This Plasma cutter is one of the lightest weighing Cutter. You can just grab it with one hand and can take anywhere. It?s LED indicator also makes it easy to detect the current status of the machinery to save your time in analyzing things manually.

Cutting Mechanism

As this product is a plasma cutter so the basic mechanism of this Cutter us plasma cutting. The features given in this product are given to overcome the removable difficulties in plasma cutting.

Its features are for professionals who need High precision in metal cutting. It has a post overflow cooling circuit that cools the consumables and torch quickly after releasing the trigger to ensure the durability of the consumables.

Safety features

Plasma cutting is a very dangerous job. The workers can take safety measures, but it should be accompanied by the safety from the machine’s side as well. This machine can be trusted for that purpose.

As this machine works on the low power supply, the risk of electric shocks is relatively lesser. But the makers have taken care that no leakage of electric charge occurs.

From the metal’s safety point of view, this machine is very safe. It gives the highest level of precision in lesser time, thus saving your metal from unwanted cuts.

Also, the machine should use with proper protection. Proper covering and helmets with UV screens must be there. If all these things are taken in mind, then this cutter is 100% safe to use.

Pros of this cutter

Very lightweight. Comes with an air compressor, several cutters don?t come with an air compressor at this price. Affordable pricing. 5-year warranty. It comes with some extra consumables and electrodes. LED indicator protects from unwanted downtime. Works on a household voltage of 110 V. This cutter Comes with a post flow cooling circuit.

What we really like about this product.

The lower weight of this Cutter is the best feature of this product. This feature makes this Cutter a perfect transportable cutter. Anybody can carry without any stress to arms.

Also, this product runs on 110/115/120 V input power. This ensures that this Cutter can be used anywhere and everywhere. This overcomes the difficulties in finding a suitable power supply of 240 V or above.

Cons of this cutter

Price is affordable, but for some users who don?t need it for professional use, it may be higher. Oxyfuel cutters are of low price. Cutting quality is fine but lower than laser cutters. XT12R torch isn’t as nice as the XT40R. Works only on 110 volts

What we really didn?t like about this cutter

If you need this product for non-regular usage, then you will find that there are some other cheaper products for that purpose. But the professionals know that its features add to its cost. If you know how much these features are important to you and need high precision in Cutting, then this price may be of the lower bracket for you.

Who should consider buying it

It?s lightweight, and compact build makes it a perfect cutter for a handyman. A handyman can carry it anywhere very easily. Also, it can save a lot of time in setting the UK and other operations.

It is very durable and can run for hours. To a professional, this plasma cutter will provide a continuous operation on metals. This will also help to save your money in the long run.

Also, it?s nice cutting quality is good for artwork cutters. It is suitable for putting different beautiful designs on the metals. Although plasma cutting is considered to provide lower cutting quality than laser cutters, it?s quality is not much lower than that of laser cutters. It can be considered a universal cutter that can be used by everyone.