Eastwood Versa cut 60 Plasma Cutter is a versatile and portable plasma cutter from Eastwood. It designed to cut through steel, aluminum, and stainless steel from 0.010 to 0.875 inches precisely and efficiently. It is well designed to give you the finest cut quality through curved and intricate surfaces as well as rusted surfaces.

This plasma cutting tool is relatively faster and efficient than mechanical cutting methods. A plasma cutter, which is not complicated as other ones, ensures that everybody can easily use it. Also, it gives cleanest cuts without leaving behind any slag.

It is built to employ multiple applications in a single tool and covers a varied range of metallic thickness. It is far better than the traditional plasma cutters and has all the features of a modern plasma cutter. The modern features of this product can be useful for you in the long run.

Key features and description

Build quality and design

This tool has a rated 220 volts input and 60 amp output. It is built very compactly and lightweight with the dimensions of 19.5 in L X 14.5 in H X 8.5 in W and weighs 45 lbs. It can cut up to 7/8? thick material.

It comes with a heavy-duty Mosfet inverter and an internal moisture separator. It also includes a self-starting arc that can be used on the exhaust systems and floor panels where rust is often an issue. It also comes with a 20-foot torch and 10-foot ground cable.

Its built-in pilot arc system ensures instant air striking, and internal moisture separator provides clean, dry air at the torch to provide better output.

Ease of use

All the modern features discussed above are only provided to give you the comfort of using it. It is beautifully designed for all kinds of users, whether it is an experienced professional or a newbie. Its fast-paced operational speed and efficiency make it easy to finish multiple jobs in relatively lesser time.

Its torch fits the hand nicely and works very smoothly. It?s compact size, and lower weight makes it easy to shift at other places.

It gives efficient results over a more extended period. Also, it lesser prone to damage and fluctuations. Also, it is easy to switch this tool to work on different meta

Cutting Mechanism

This plasma cutter comes with some additional features, which are an updated version of an ordinary cutting mechanism in traditional plasma cutters. This tool features a built-in pilot arc, which produces instant arc and cuts aluminum, Stainless steel, and other materials with ease. These features also make it a unique plasma cutter to look for.

This product employs the mechanism to overcome the difficulties encountered in ordinary plasma cutters. Also, it works on an automated system to ensure that every user can use it without any hassle.

Safety features

You can definitely trust this plasma cutter to give you no damage from its end. Also, it is safe to use this tool in the long run. Eastwood has used the finest quality materials in it to ensure you zero leakage even in the most intense jobs.

Also, it is safe to use this plasma cutter on all the metals where it is permissible to use. Also, it doesn?t deviate from its actual functions to give you a risk-free user experience. For added safety, you must also ensure Safety from your end too. This product comes with a user manual, which you should follow to ensure complete safety.


  • Compact design.
  • The built-in arc pilot system provides better results while working on rusted, rugged, and painted surfaces.
  • Internal moisture separator to provide clean cuts.
  • Heavy-duty inverter.
  • 10-foot ground cable to provide more flexibility to the user.
  • Easy to set up and easy controls.
  • It comes with a standard 220 V plug.
  • Comparatively cheaper than other similar products.
  • It comes with a handy 20-foot torch.3-year warranty.

What we really like about this tool.

The built-in pilot arc system and internal moisture separator are the two best features among other features of this plasma cutter. These two features give the user a hassle-free user experience, even on the most complicated surfaces. Also, it never compromises with its cut quality on these surfaces too.

Moreover, it can be used even on the curved surfaces with the highest possible precision of a plasma cutter. Also, this type of cutting quality is very rare in plasma cutters. The fast cutting technology is also a major feature that we loved about this tool. Also, it comes with a heavy-duty Mosfet inverter to give you efficient results. This product is a perfect combination of multiple features.


  • A weight that may not be suitable for everyone to carry.
  • The price tag may be higher for those who don?t need to use it regularly.
  • Laser cutters have finer cut quality.
  • It doesn?t come with extra nozzles and electrodes.
  • 10-foot longer cable may feel slightly longer.

What we really didn?t like about this tool

This product doesn?t come with extra nozzles and electrodes. But those can be bought easily online and are not much expensive.

Also, this price range is suitable for you if you are a professional user of this product, and you require this product in the long run. For those who seek to purchase this product for infrequent use, this product can be slightly expensive.

Who should buy it

The makers of the product have made it sure that everybody can use it easily. Because of its versatility, this product can be used by a variety of users. It is a perfect tool for a handyman, a professional, for mechanic shops, for garages, etc. All the users will find it easy to use this tool.

This plasma cutter is very easy to be operated by an amateur. But, for the professionals, this product can be really profitable because this product has multiple applications. If you are looking for a modern-day plasma cutter, this product is designed specifically for you.